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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hors Les Murs (Canadian French) [Beyond The Walls]

Now this was a very interesting film. The last film of the OIA film festival in Johannesburg, I saw a lot of people getting uncomfortable in their seats. The film was slow and when you have bunch of gays in an almost house full show, they expect something light, fast and sexy. This film was all opposite. So was it good or bad, lets try and analyze.

One night at a bar Paulo gets very drunk. During the night he kept checking out the bartender Ilir, originally an Albanian guy. Ilir ends up taking Paulo to his apartment when Paulo gets wasted and passes out. Ilir is attracted to him but doesn't do anything. In the morning Paulo confesses that he has a girlfriend and he is questioning himself. Unable to control himself, Paulo goes to meet ilid again, and they have a quick affair which Paulo's girlfriend soon finds him. She throws him out of the house. Having no place to go, he ends up going to Ilir's house who is schooled to see him. He says that he wanted only fun but Paulo's insistence changes his mind and he lets him stay. The 2 guys start to get along well with each other. They are both into music. One day Ilir, is leaving for a show and promises to be back in a couple of days but many days pass and now Paulo is getting restless. He soon finds out that Ilir is in jail but illegal smuggling of drugs. Ilir asks Paulo to help him in various ways and thus begins the journey beyond the walls. Paulo meets another guy and moves in with him for stability and help but his heart is still cry much with Ilir and the 3rd guy knows it. This goes on for a while until one day Ilir decides that it is getting very difficult for him to keep meeting paulo because it hurts so bad. He requests Paulo to not visits him anymore. When Paulo refuses, he ruffles up so that authorities can ban all his visitors. Time flies and Ilir is finally released. But things have now changed. Paulo is settled with his new guy and is content. Is he happy? We don't know but Ilir does come out of jail lonely and lost the only love he ever had.

Most people in this film got so bored but I can sort of understand why that would be! It is a very slow mvid and you really don't wanna watch this film in theatre, with subtitles that too the last show of the night. When you add up these factors, I can understand why people won't like it but at the same time I would like to give credit where it is due. The ice and plot behind the film was very very nice and I loved it a lot. Sadly, the execution left a lot to be desired. If the pace of the film could have been a little faster, I am sure this film will gain even bigger audience. Th elope that eventually grows between the 2 men is shown in a very subtle way. Sex, music, love, alcohol etc, brings them together. They won't say they love but they do and things becomes much more evident in the whole prison episode where Paulo would o any lengths to save Ilir. Also because Ilir is the only man that paulo has ever loved. You can see what confusions and frustrations, he is going through to figure out how to get Ilir out of jail. Acting wise everyone did a good job. The raw rugged look of Ilir was hot but the straight ruffled Paulo was also cute in a nerdy sorta way. This film will need your patience but if you can manage it, you might actually end up seeing positive things about the film.

A heart-breaking journey of two lovers who embark on a journey together but can't stay together for long. (6/10)

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