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Friday, April 19, 2013


It is 4th of July and a young teenager June who lives in a small town is looking to meet his internet date. The date turns out to be a middle aged black man Joe. Joe takes him out and they stat talking about random things. Mostly including why June is not comfortable in his own skin and can't come out to his family. June is an awkward teenager, who is not very sure what he wants from life and tries to push back on things he doesn't want to deal with. He doesn't even know why he is meeting Joe in the first place. Just to get out of house, for sex, for companionship or something totally different. We also meet Dexter and Abigayle. Turns out Abigayle is Joe's daughter who is staying in for the evening to take care of her mother because Joe is "out of town". Their relationship is fragile because Dexter thinks, she thinks of him as idiotic and cocky. Bored at home, she takes up Dexter's offer to meet for 15 minutes which turns out to be date where they even get sexual at one point. There is still an awkwardness. I am not sure why because it seems Dexter was pretty confident of himself. Joe and June eventually go to  motel and have sex and June still doesn't know what to think of everything. On this date night between the 2 couples, Abigayle accidentally sees his date in the same town and with someone and is shocked and can't understand what to think of it. Both the dates finally end when Dexter unexpectedly enter's Abigayle's mothers room and Joe drops off June to his house. The ending was as unexpected as the beginning.

One thing that was interesting about the evening was that whenever I have reviewed movies here, I have never discussed them or taken opinions. So it was interesting to hear what my 2 friends who went with me had to say. We shared few thoughts and disagreed on other. In my opinion the film could have been a good 15 minute short story. Joe's acting was weakest of all IMO. He was really irritating when initially he goes all about 'America'. I was like, just shut the fuck up. Specially because it seemed so fake. June was alright as the awkward teenager who doesn't know what to do with  life. I also felt wrong for Joe to pressure June into doing things he doesn't wanna do. The whole monologue from Joe on AIDS while June is showering was totally unnecessary, unless he was talking about himself in third person. Every individual has the right to plan his/her own life. I am not very sure what to think of the other couple. What was the point. Dexter stays in his room smoking and getting drugged up and we don't know whats wrong with Abigayle's mother and why does she get so upset when Dexter sees her. Was the film supposed to show the vulnerability on the people and the confusion and arrogance that we all have in bits and pieces? If the film-maker really water to make a difference, cut it down to a short film and think of a better subject for the next feature.

The only reason the film stays with me is because it was pretty bad. (3/10)

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