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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Common Ground

This movie spans across almost 50 decades of life in a small town in Homer, Connecticut. Actually the film could easily have been 3 major episodes, which are not really related to each other except the location but yet all share the common ground. They fall in the category of queer (lesbian or gay, in this specific case). I wonder when this was shown on TV, whether it was shown as one long film or as three different episodes.

The film is narrated through the eyes of a character, whose job is to raise the town's flag every day. In 1954, when he is 6 year old, he witnesses the arrival of Dorothy from navy, one of the first woman veteran in town. When she is out looking for job, rumor soon spreads out that she was dismissed by the army on charges of sexual deviance. There is only one woman in the town who comes out to support her and even listen to her version of the story. Dorothy is confused about her sexuality and while her visits to a gay bar with one of her gay friends from navy, she gets caught. The lady who supports her helps and advices her to go to New York to discover herself. In the second segment, the time period os 1974 but setting is the same. A young 18 year old teenager is being bullied and harassed in school for suspects of being gay. His only support is his teacher who is in contender for being the school principal. The kid that the teacher is gay but the teacher doesn't have the balls to come out. When he finally witnesses how badly the other students have treated the kid, his patience breaks barrier and he finally comes out as well and reports the matter to the school authorities and the police. The segment ends with the teacher fighting against discrimination for his job but he is a happy man now. The final segment is et in 2000 when the gay marriage has become legal. A gay couple who has been together for 15 years decide to get married but the focus of the film is on one the grooms who is having wedding jitters and his father, a former veteran, who is part of the group who is in town to protest the wedding. The whole section focusses on their discussion of being gay, whats right and whats wrong, about marriage and everything. and magically both father and son are finally ok with going through the wedding where the son gives an emotional speech on how their predecessors have probably had a rough time before them and they need to set an example for their future generations.

The first segment is definitely the best of all three. It is more streamlined, very novel idea and has been executed and acted very well. The girl who plays Dorothy does a great job of displaying a touching range of emotions from wonder and excitement when she first visits a gay bar, to sadness and shame as the town folks make it clear she is no longer welcome in their midst. The second segment is also interesting with good performances both from the student and the teacher. I know bullying even today isa big issue in the gay community and teenage school going kids so this was a good way of showing stuff that is necessary. The final segment unfortunately is a little boring. The whole father - son shpeel, the stereotypical gay jokes and lesbian stereotypes, it was all a little too much. Also I am not sure if I believe that way back in 2000, a small town would still be liberal enough for a gay wedding to happen in town hall. I hope I am wrong.

Despite all this, the film is a noble, well-intentioned and worthwhile effort. (6/10)

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