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Friday, April 5, 2013

Bear Nation (Documentary)

So I had loves the bear city movies; both parts, in fact. Hence, I was very curious to know what this documentary will offer. As most documentaries, this doesn't offer entertainment but then it does give you a lot of information about the bear community.

The film is sorta divided into various sections. We start with definition and origin of the term 'bear' in the gay community. Everyone thinks different but the general consensus is big hairy gay guys are considered bears. The director interviews various peoples who share their stories of coming out as gay and then their second coming out on how they were more attracted to bears. Everyone has something similar to share from their lives and how it is ok to be fat and hairy and you will still find men who will be into you and would want you for who you are. We then follow a group of bears who meet every year in Chicago for the bear weekend. A weekend where all bears get together, various events happen, drinking, games, excursions etc. Story how about this event grew bigger over a period of time is also shared. The stage then moves to London and we are shown various clubs and attitude of people towards bears in UK. Finally the segments end in New York where we meet the director of Bear City and how and why he made the film.

Overall, though the film might not have been entertaining , it was very watchabale. One of the few documentaries that don't drag just for the sake of filling time. The people being interviewed were charming and funny and so they kept the audience's interest alive. It is nice to see and hear different stories and experiences of various men. As much as personally I may not get the whole bear thing, but I can appreciate that yes, there is a section of gay guys out there who have a very strong community and who really are not all about twinks, clean shaven etc etc. I would recommend this if you are into documentaries and all. This will for surely not bore you. (6/10)

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