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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zurück auf Los! (German) [Return To Go!]

This film is not just a story about friends and friendship. Rather the film focuses on deeper issues of living with HIV, alcohol issues among gay youth and finally the challenges and insecurities that most people have in relationships, be it gay or straight. The film primarily focuses on these different aspects throughout the film where the central characters in my opinion are 2 friends.

Sam and Bastl are very close friends. After having diagnosed with HIV, Sam goes into depression and alcohol. Sam is an afro-german wannabe singer. He leaves his boyfriends house and find another place to live which is completely run-down. His friend Bastl deeply cares for him. We see that Sam meets another guy Rainer and completely falls in love with him because this guy likes him despite his HIV status. They break-up because Sam finds him cheating with another guy and throws him out of the aptt. He is trying to get his life back together and move on without the fear of Aids. Meanwhile, both Bastl and Sam are dealing with alcohol issues and dealing with hardships of live where they are short of every single penny. Enter Mike, who tally i sin love with Bastl and soon he moves in with them. They are all happy but poor. One day Rainer comes back to meet Sam. Unfortunately they get into an accident and Rainer gets blind for life. Sam takes him back home. In the meantime Bastl meets a hunky Arab guy in a club. As much as he loves Mike, he can't help get attracted to this guy and dumps Mike, despite Sam trying to reason him. Sam, Rainer, Bastl and Mike had a vacation planned which now the 3 of them go for minus Mike. This vacation time is the best time which brings the 3 guys more closer and the film ends with hope and positive spirit.

There are many good things about this film. Though initially I thought it was just an average film, but by the time it ended, I liked it. The core issue that it starts off with is HIV but we don't get to finally see the depressing side of it. Instead we see hope and positive attitude. I loved the fact the film was very realistic. The living conditions of the guys, the choice of actors, their interactions. WHen Rainer gets blind, I liked that the others still treated him norma and made him do work. It was weirdly funny.
Bastl's and Sam's friendship was also nice. They were straight with each other and what they felt and how they did things, which included all funny stuff, clubbing, and also serious talks. Acting wise it is a pretty good ensemble cast. All actors are on par withe act other and the requirement of the story.

You will not regret spending your time on this film. Just be patient initially and u will get into it. (6.5/10)

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