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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


OMG!! Somehow I had high hopes from this film. Something about the title and the poster made me think that this movie would be different and make sense. How wrong was I! Well, it sure was different but on the wrong spectrum. This was a total turkey.

We meet  price, a young American who is touring around Iraq border (or wherever the film was shot), looking at ruins with his guide, Marwan. Marwan thinks Price is hot. Soon we see that he is looking for his partner Bo, who is in marine and has been missing for a few days. We also meet Combs, with a southern accent, who randomly appears and disappears and is not very clear who he is or what he is doing. (Apparently he is CIA). Few erotic scenes follow and we also meet a few homophobic nationals, who randomly appear, threaten Price and go away. By this time, you are totally confused. Turns out that mar wan and Combs had a plan throughout but they tell that Bo is probably killed. But later they say, they have him. Bu this time you lose total interest in the film. Suddenly Price is captured by did knows who. He is rescued by Marwan and Combs. Some erotic scenes follow again and surprise surprise, Bo appears. wtf !!

The film is so full of itself. As a viewer I am tally lost within 10 minutes of starting but I give it time hoping that it is a thriller and things will start getting clear but nothing like that happens. The mess just continues with below average acting. The story borders on ridiculous where more attention is paid on how to exploit Price's hot body. People are homophobic , yet it seems everyone wants a piece of ass of Price and he gives it as well to get more information on Bo. Billed as a pseudo thriller-war, the film quickly keeps setting high bars for ridiculousness. You don't connect with any character or what they are there for. After a while all you focus os on more naked body and that's it. Good eye candy and decent filming locations is all this film has.

Totally avoidable. Not worth even for a good body cos there are plenty more ways to see it rather than sitting through an hour and a half of torture. (2/10)

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