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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sassy Pants

I was looking forward to this movie for 2 reasons: the  title and i heard that the kid from sixth sense film was playing a major role as a gay man. I missed watching it when it was premiered at QFest last year but now I finally got time to catch up. The writing though smart and funny is a little unbelievable in today's time. Although we have seen stranger things happen in today's world. This is also not exactly a gay film. It's more about this girl with some major gay characters.

Bethany and her brother live with their domineering mother June. Just because her husband decided to become gay and run away with another man, ever since she has been shielding her children from the world by schooling them at home and essentially keeping them at house arrest. One days when she can't take it anymore, Bethany runs to her dad where she finds a new friend in her dad's young boyfriend Chip. He helps her with some clothes etc and eventually she even gets a job in a clothing store. Her confidence suddenly starts to build up when her mother comes up again and brings her home in the pretext of her grandmother dying. Life starts going back to square on when determined to do something with life, Beth decides that she will do everything to go to the fashion school in SF and starts saving her money.A few more misunderstandings happen and with the support of her father and her grandmother and her own handwork, she finally manages to change things for herself and the bitterness in the mother also eventually goes away.

Th opening scene with everything pink in Beth's room is a symbol of oppression. Her mother has been forcing things on her daughter who can't rebel even if she wants to. It is refreshing to see the grandma telling June what exactly she is doing. I can't believe that in today's world, a mother can actually just house arrest her children literally and don't let them go out. The scenes of Beth with her father and Chip, her boyfriend are hilarious.  Chip played by the young kind of'The Sixth Sense' wears short shorts, cowboy boots and acts the gayest anyone ever can. Performance wise Beth does a decent job and so does her mother.

The movie is decently good but not great. (6/10)

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