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Friday, March 1, 2013

My Beautiful Laundrette (UK)

I know a lot of people have loved this movie over a period of time. I saw this film , I guess 6 years ago and vaguely remember not being too impressed with it. But now, with time gone by and my experience with gay themed movies being much broader, it was time to revisit this film for my blog. Sadly, despite some decent performances, the film still did not manage to rise beyond average in my mind. It is quite possible that I amassing seeing something in the film that the others are.

Nasser and his ally Saleem have a number of small businesses and are doing very well for themselves. Meanwhile his brother, a once famous journalist  and now alcoholic Ali, lives in a seedy flat in a poor neighborhood with his son Omar. To help his brother, Nasser gives Omar a job doing menial labor. But Omar, with bigger plans, talks Nasser into letting him manage Nasser's run down laundrette. Enters Johny, a friend of Omar's since they were kids who has been a street punk for a while. Omar invites him to change his life and essentially work for him. The two together think they ill be able to make something out of heir life. It is not very clear when or how, but it turns out that Omar and Johny are not friends but lovers. And Johny is ready to do anything and everything for Omar. He loves him dearly. Nasser tries to marry off his daughter to Omar but they both don't want it. Saleem becomes a pain in their plans when the other street punks take a revenge against Saleem and in the process end up causing damage to the launderette but this incident brings Omar and Johny back closer from the stressful days that were driving them apart.

The film depicts life in 80s and how immigrant Asian communities and Brotishers treated each other. The film thankfully doesn't get overboard in any aspect. Be it street punks or Omar and Johny's relationship. It is surprising, considering that the film came out in 80s, their relationship is shown as any normal relationship would. They are not afraid or shameful or shy. They are just being themselves. Their love scene is gorgeous. When you first see Johnny he seems so rough and coarse and low class, but as he begins to seduce Omar while Omar talks about the past he suddenly seems powerful and sophisticated. I think, for whatever reason Johny truly loved Omar because he even says to Salem once that ' In my opinion it is always worth waiting for Omar'. Despite all of their differences both Omar and Johny seem to have a profound respect for one another, which will hopefully enable them to continue their relationship, although the ending is left rather open. The film also gives us an insight into how first generation immigrants have to deal with the in-between feeling. Every actor performs really well. Seeing Daniel Day Lewis as Johny is very interesting considering he recently won his third oscar.

Despite this long review, I still feel there was a lot left to be desired and a lot of questions unanswered as a viewer in my mind. But I can't even imagine how ahead of its time it must have been in 80s. (6/10)

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