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Monday, March 18, 2013

Les Amitiés Particulières (French) [This Special Friendship]

It was so refreshing to see a black and white film with an underlying gay theme, with such old world charm. Released way back in 60s, this film felt so much ahead of item time but then, I dunno at all what France was like way back in 60s. All I want to do is salute the producer/director for taking up the challenge of such a bold subject and treating it with respect, empathy and tenderness that it deserves. The film will be as relevant in today's time as it was probably when it released.

Georges, a 15 year old boy begins his boarding education in a catholic school. He is from an aristocratic background. He strikes up an immediate friendship with a fellow student of his own age, Lucien. On discovering that Lucien already has a close relationship with another boy, André, Georges contrives to get the latter expelled from the school. I am not very sure whether it is out of jealousy or whether Georges dislikes the idea of 2 men being so close.  One day Georges sees Alexandre, a young boy (probably around 11 years or so) at the prayer in school and he gets totally enamored and struct by his beauty and purity. To Georges’s delight, Alexandre enjoys his company, and the two boys become good friends. They exchange love poems and meet in secret; they can hardly bear to be apart. His friend Lucien knows about everything that is going on and is in full support since he knows what true "friendship" or love feels like. When one of the priests finds out about them, Georges uses his intellect to get he priest fired instead. Free from the fear of discovery, Georges and Alexandre pursue their perfect friendship, growing ever closer. But not for long. Another priest sons finds out about them and forces the yes of love for both of them. He forces explosion of Alexandre unless Georges returns back all his letters. In a sudden twist of events, Georges just goes back home for his summer break and Alexandre is so heart broken that he ends up taking his own life.

The love between the 2 souls is accompanied with lot of poetry and believability, something that you would expect from a regular male-female love story. There is no physical intimacy of any sorts that is portrayed and all is left on our own imagination. As viewers, you get totally involved with both the characters and we believe in their love and purity for each other. The scenes where they hide from everyone and exchange notes, meet in the greenhouse and protect each other was truly heartwarming. The acting by both principal actors is so real hat it brings the film to a raw and spiritual intensity. Agreed the subject line where an older boy falls for a younger big is very debatable, but I loved the fact it has been dealt with purity and lot of heart. The ending of the film comes as a shock and is so powerful, you almost cry. The beauty of the boarding school and its functioning is also captured beautifuly.

I strongly recommend this film. The joy and experience to watch a pure love grow between 2  boys in 60s is pure magical. (8.5/10)

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