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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kanrei Zensen Conductor (Japanese) [Cold Front Conductor]

This film was an odd mix of good and bad acting and a good and bad story. There were points in the film where I started to like the film and there would be times that I would think wtf! The movie apparently is a film adaptation of Fujimi Orchestra series. I don't know anything at all about it, so my views are solely based on this as a film and nothing else.

Morimura Yuuki heads a music orchestra as the concert master and he is the leader of the grip. The group consists of all oddballs and they all play for fun. Morimura Yuuki has a crush on this girl in the class. Enter Tonoin Kei as the conductor of the group. Tonoin Kei is supposed to be a very gifted young man fro a very known instate and everyone is surprised to see him as their conductor. Slowly under his guidance, the class' music starts improving. This girl is now interested in Tonoin Kei and asks him out for a drink. Tonoin Kei comes out to her that he is gay and is interested in men and that in fact he is interested in Morimura Yuuki. She tells him which he finds odd because he is straight. One day when Morimura Yuuki visits the conductor's home, he gets so bestowed that he ends up raping Morimura Yuuki. He is shocked and heart broken and doesn't know what to do. The girl keeps telling him that he should be happy that someone love him with all his heart but Morimura Yuuki keeps saying that it was a rape and that he can never be in love with a man. Their only connection is love for music and nothing else. No one understands the pain that he going through as a rape victim. He then decides to quit the company but before h can give his papers, the conductor quits. Morimura Yuuki feels bad and he goes to his place to coerce him to not quit and tell him that he can never fall for him. But Tonoin Kei loves him so much, that he can't take it and he decides to just leave the city. In the end we find out how Tonoin Kei had seen Morimura Yuuki one day playing his violin in a park and ever since then he had been looking for him all over. And the only reason he joined the orchestra was for him.

The film sounds interesting and thank god it doesn't end up with Morimura Yuuki suddenly becoming gay. I am glad, the film makers stayed on their grounds to not turn a straight man to gay even though he was raped. As much as it was hard for Morimura Yuuki to face the man he was raped by, he tries his best because music binds them together. I felt bad for the girl who doesn't get anything from anyone. Tonoin Kei did a good job portraying an arrogant conductor but it was not believable even for a moment that he was in love with Morimura Yuuki. This was not shown very clearly in the film. Morimura Yuuki tries too hard to be funny and other things. I think he was over doing his part which he really didn't have to. As I mentioned before the 2 guys do not end up together. Its just their music, that they both live for.

The film definitely has a potential for a sequel but I am not sure if I am looking for it. Better actors and a little tighter direction would definitely help. (4.5/10)

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