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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hustling: Season 1 (Web series)

This is a 8 part original web series of about 8-10 minutes duration each episode. I had no idea what to expect but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the contents. Each episode though distinct, showed us the life of main protagonist and what he is going through.

Rod Driver has been a very famous gay porn star because of his huge asset and an escort since his twenties. But things are not the same when he is now 40. As his original self Ryan Crosby, he gets odd jobs here and there but he wants to change his life around. Suddenly he is worried as to what he is doing with his life and where is it going. Everytime, he wants to do something new and different, he gets pulled back in the word of escort and porn, because he needs money. No one lets him move on with his life, because he is known of sex and his appeal and no one would let him do anything except that. He ultimately discovers that cooking is his passion and he would like to pursue that further. But even in that, he has to compromise with his body and his porn star image in return to learn something. He also meets a girl who he gets along very well and thats when we find that Ryan is actually straight but he has been doing gay porn and escort job since that is big money for a straight guy in gay porn world.

Both as an actor and director, I think Sebastian La Cause, playing the title role, does a fantastic job. I mean, yeah he is great looking with an awesome smile. But that is not the only focus, when you realize that he is a pretty good actor too. He does complete justice to his role of an aging porn start trying to turn his life around. Did I already say that his smile is very infectious. He sinks in his character and does justice to all scenarios, be it dealing with his chef, his councelor, the threesome with a straight couple or shooting for a porn film. There are a lot of actors who keep featuring in every episode because every episode deals with different things that Ryan (Rod) is dealing with. They all fit well and I think I have seen most of them in their earlier works. Now I just wished that the episodes were not so short. I wanna see more. I guess I am gonna spend some time watching season 2 soon. (6/10)


mp said...

The story seems interesting. Thanks for this :D

Golu said...

yeah do check it out. its not bad at all

Paul Delgadillo said...

This series is excellent and all three seasons ended up being superb. The ending really isn't surprising but I did not like how his best friend acted towards the end. He has another we series out now and it is quite good, although only two characters in that one are outright gay the series does center around a bromance between a straight guy (and his being straight is questionable) and a gay guy.

Golu said...

yeah, i am gettung into watching the gay web seres. there are so man yof them