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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gone, But Not Forgotten

This is one of those movies, which I would have tremendously enjoyed, had I seen few years ago and rated it very high. Nevertheless, it is still a very decent movie about falling in love, doing the right thing in your life and not lying to anyone or yourself about anything. Follow your dreams. Made very simplistically with bare minimum characters needed, the film goes right on what it wants to show and then it goes form there.

Drew and his brother Paul work as forest ranger officers. Drew saves life of a man who is now in a hospital. When he wakes up, he realizes that he has amnesia and can't remember anything. Drew pulls some strings to visit him and while introducing himself, The guy suddenly remembers his name as Mark. They get along very well and Drew starts paying him regular visits to the displeasure of his older brother. They share real chemistry. Realizing how bored Mark would be in the hospital, Drew requests to bring Mark to his home so that he can recover better. Paul reluctantly gives the permission and Mark moves in with Drew. One thing leads to another and we soon see that they are falling in love and ultimately they get into physical intimacy. Things are all going good until Mark starts freaking out a little that they are becoming too much obvious as a couple. At the same time, Paul is trying to figure out what mark's background is and that he might have a family to go back. When Drew and mark get into a fight, Mark leaves home and goes back to the hospital, where paul tells him that they have found who he is. Apparently Mark is married and his wife picks him up. Back to his original life, Mark doesn't feel good and he sees a weird hostility from his wife. When prodded upon further, Mark remembers that how his wife had him followed and found out that Mark was gay. Thats when mark had gone to the forest to take his own life in depression where Drew had saved him. When the reality hits all, Mark decides to take the right step and go back to his real love Drew to stat a new fresh life together.

The movie looks like you are watching a soap-opera. Thats probably because of the production standards. Even the acting seems like for a made for TV film and not really good. That doesn't mean that it was bad or anything but it was quite raw. Filmed in a small town setting, with probably a handy cam, the film is shot in real, picturesque locations which I really would not mind going to for a vacation. There are moments in the film that feel real and at the same time, some scenes feel a liftle OTT and unbelievable. The good thing is that the chemistry between Drew and mark is totally believable. The whole episode with Mark going back to his wife was like, 'Really?'. Couldn't you have thought of a better twist. Given that this was an independent film almost 10 years back, I would definitely not shot this movie down completely.

This is not a high end, well made movie but if you are looking for a decent simple straightforward movie, this is for you. It for sure doesn't bore you, even though the pace is very relaxed and slow just like the surroundings in the film. (6/10)

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