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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faustrecht der Freiheit (German) [Fox And His Friends]

This movie shows a facet of life, which is raw and true. This film shows how people manipulate each other for personal gains. The film explores how this can affect individuals and how greed has no end. Made in 70s , this film also shows german gay subculture.

Everyone knows franz as Fox. He is a lower class gay kid who works in street fairs. He is addicted to lottery hoping to win day and win he does. Handsome rich Max just randomly meets him outside a public bathroom and introduces him to the rich gay culture. Max;'s friends initially despise him for his earthy looks, for his low class upbringing but when they find out that Fox has just won a lot of money in lottery, their outlook completely changes. One of the friends is Eugen who takes Fox as his lover hoping to get money out of him. He talks naive Fox into sponsoring his father's business, buying I'm a new house and a car. Eugen's parents tolerate their son's life with a low class fellow and ridicule his mannerisms but are more than happy to just take his money. Fox thinks he is being a part of the rich circle but he is never happy. Eugen is always pointing to his mistakes but Fox loves him dearly. Its only the shady bar/club where Fox frequently used to vista before he was rich, that he finds true friends and some peace of mind. When the business starts going down, Fox is blamed and more money is taken out of him. Self-centered Eugen makes sure that he has taken every single penny that he can from Fox and his friends are his partners in crime for this. When they break-up, Fox realizes that now without money he has no 'fancy friends', no lover, no security and his life becomes unbearable, forcing Eugen to take his own life.

The end of the film is tragic where in it is shown that even after dying, everyone just wants to take something from Fox. People just want him to pay whereas he just wants to go back to his old simple life where at least he had peace. Fox acts his part very very convincingly. It is difficult to imagine that there are people like Eugen in real life who will do anything for money. I am also glad that being gay is not made a big deal of in this film, considering it came out in 70s. They are gay, but lets just move on. There i smote to the story. One man falls in love and the other just sees an opportunity to make more money. There are not any love making or kissing scenes which makes this film very watchable even for straight folks. I just wish the length of the film was a little shorter.

Money can corrupts the chances of meaningful human interaction and this movie shows how that can happen. (6.5/10)

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