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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bite Marks

There are gay movies, there are comedy movies and there are horror/vampire movies. Now you just mix all these genres, and what you get is a miss-mash called Bite Marks. This film was so bad on so many levels. It is one of those films which are so so so bad that by the end they seem not so bad, if you know what I mean. The film is cheesy to the core, very low production values and overall a trash film.

Truck driver Brewster has to take up delivering a loa dog coffins to a funeral home because suddenly his brother goes missing. We also see a gay couple who are walking along the road, trying to make their relationship work. They hitch-hike with Brewster and some silly scenes follow, just involving the buildup, which includes a sex scene between the couple that Brewster watches and gets excited. The wrong feed in the GPS of the truck leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere around a deserted junkyard. And then make the appearances by so called vampires and the silly fight the 3 of them out up against them. Of course, in the process, one of the guys of the couple ends up sucking off Brewster. Ultimately Brewster also end up becoming vampire. Finally good wins over evil. The couple comes out winner after successfully fighting over the evils.

Made probably on a small budget, the film is supposed to be comedy but one-dimensional expressions , specially by Brewster make the film fall flat. The gay couple were just cute and nothing more. Most of the jokes were bland and would not evoke a laughter even though you can se how hard probably the dialogue writer tried. The try to see some f the cliches of the typical vampire films and sometimes not do it. The director introduces a new facet of seeing what you wanna see etc. which after a while gets boring. Its a silly nonsensical movie, which believe it or not, I can actually see some people enjoying.

It wasn't for me, and if you don't like things of this type, i'd suggest you miss it. (3/10)

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