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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zus & Zo (Dutch)

I still don't know why the film's title is so. I thought that they were probably the names of the characters but it wasn't it. Another interesting tidbit is that this film was actually nominated for oscars, which I was quite surprised when I found that out. This film is about feelings and true love. The film has a soap like story line but it is funny, loving and totally watchable.

The film is about Nino and his 3 sisters. Nino is gay and the sisters are shocked when they find out suddenly that Nino is marrying a girl in 3 weeks. It turns out that as per his father's will, he can only inherit the property, a lavish hotel on a beach in POrtugal, only if he marries. He needs money and so he is marrying. The 3 sisters are mad because now this means they would not get the money. The three of them gang up together to figure out how to tell Nino's fiancé Bo all about this and get them to not marry. This is where the fun begins. All three sisters have their own issues in their personal ice that they are dealing with. Eldest Michelle is so overworked and bored in her life. The husband and her don't connect with each other anymore. Middle sister Wanda is an artist, who is ok seeing her brother getting married but is having an affair with her younger sister's husband. Finally the youngest Sonja, thinks she ha s happy family but is devastated to find out about her husband. The sisters try their their best but Bo is also hellbent to marry. At the wedding day, Nino's mother ends up inviting Felix, Nino's lover for past many years and Nino realizes he cannot go through with it. The sisters are ecstatic. but when the reality comes out, they are ashamed. Nino was actually marrying so that he could get his sex change operation and be a woman that he has always wanted to be. Felix and Nino get married and things all end smooth.

The acting by all principal characters is good but I have personal issues with showing everyone sleeping with everyone in the family. This is just not right and is also portrayed as if shit happened and now everything is fine. Nevertheless I enjoyed the film. It wasn't very clear why Bo wanted to get into this marriage of convenience. What was she getting besides money The 3 sisters characters as jealous middle age woman, not satisfied with their lives and not able to change it either was interesting. Nino was just ok. He just had one expression throughout and actually didn't have much to do in the film either. Despite all its odds, the film still manages to hold attention and be entertaining though I would question what was so good in this film that it got nominated for oscars.

It is definitely worth watching once for sure. After all it is oscar nominated. (7/10)

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