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Sunday, February 24, 2013


This film was not bad at all. It might have been annoying for a couple of reasons here and there but overall it did its job. Thankfully the film was not over stretched and it just focussed on the core issue that it was supposed to do. This film is not just about being gay or anything, it is also about relationships, religion and God.

Parker and Miranda are a religiously and conservative couple in the south living their daily life. They lost their son 5 years ago to a disease. One day Miranda sees a documentary on TV on a doctor who misspending his life saving kids from the same disease that their son had. She also saw how the doctor Sandy and his partner Terry have been looking all over for a arrogate mother for their child. She prays to lord and gets message that she should become the surrogate mother to the child. When she finally does, and Terry comes to visit her in her small town, that is when Parker finds out and all hell breaks loose. Parker has always been the guy for anti gay movement and now realizing the reality is a little too much for him. He loves his wife but cannot fathom that she is bearing a child for a gay couple. Things move on but Miranda ends up having a miscarriage and loses the baby. But at the same time, Her sister delivers twins but doesn't want to have anything to do with them because they are her ex-husband's result of cheating. Finally Terry and Sandy get to adopt the kids and finally realize their dream of becoming dads.

The best part of the film was that there was no over-drama. Everything was in moderation. The tension between Parker and Miranda is shown very subtly and i like that. On the flip side, Terry was really annoying. I goes he was supposed to be funny and all when he shows up uninvited to the small town and parks himself in Miranda's life. I think the choice of actor was bad. His over-acting and huge eyes, takes away from the character that his is supposed to be. Miranda acted really well and so did Parker, who had this weird macho charm about him. The whole southern accent was like an icing on the cake and I personally thoroughly enjoyed it.

The film was not pure entertainment but it was a slice of life film that was definitely worth a watch. (6.5/10)

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