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Monday, February 4, 2013

I Was A Teenage Werebear (Short Film)

The only reason I saw this film was for Sean Paul Lockhart, who I think is pretty cute. A short film of about 30 minutes, this was set as a musical on a beach and is meant to be cheesy and funny (which I did not  think so). If anything it was a little annoying.

Our main protagonist Ricky is in closet and has a girlfriend but can't help getting very attracted to the leader of a group of misfits at school. Talon, the group leader is yummy and Ricky just swoons over him and Taylor knows it. When Ricky is being bullied in school, Talon protects him. We soon se that Talon and his gang becomes a bear (gay term for bulky hairy guys). Because Ricky is now in love with Talon, he gets bitten and gets the same trait. Will their love for each other cure them?

Lockhart as Ricky is the only thing good about this movie. As a confused teenager, he brings good charm and goofiness in his character. It is good to see him move on from his porn days to doing a good job at true acting. Talon is also pretty good looking and fits the bill. All the other actors were over the top. Most of the scenes were supposed to be funny but they were just not my cup of tea. Or may be i just didn't get the humor. In either case, I would suggest that watch this film at your own behest. Since it is only 30 minutes long, you don't lose much even if you dislike it. (3.5/10)

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