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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Britain's Gay Footballers (Documentary)

An interesting documentary for the subject. It starts with the right context that when there are gays everywhere, how is it possible that in the game of football, which is so popular, how can be no gay men anywhere in the world. Are there gays but they are just not out or is it something else.

Amal Fashanu starts this documentary. Her uncle , in the history of UK, has been the only footballer who came out as being gay and who committed suicide in 1988. So, as part of this documentary, she is on a mission to not only find out about gay footballers but also go deep in her family history and find out the real truth behind her uncle's story. She interviews her mother, her father and some popular gay footballers and goes deep in the story and finally manages to get just one interview with the only openly gay footballer in Sweden who is doing really well for himself.

I had a lot of issues with this documentary. Parts were just ridiculous and naive and fake. Her finding out about her uncle should not have been this surprising. How can you ado all this things first time on camera. It was pure acting (and a bad one at it). How can she not know what her father's views were good gays specially when her uncle came out as gay. Nevertheless, Amal does tackle some difficult questions on even if there are gay men in football, they are probably never gonna come out for fear of fan base, money, their popularity etc. A good take at making a documentary but really no ground breaking stuff here. (3.5/10)

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