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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beautiful Thing (UK)

I don't know why I had been pushing to watch this film a second time. I remember watching it before and really liking it but hey, I had to watch it again for my blog. And I am so glad that I did it. This is the finest, most emotional, heart-touching movie about self discovery, coming of age teenage love story, you will ever see. Although the film came out way back in 1996, it is as relevant today as it was then. The characters and situations are perfectly developed and realized, ringing true in almost every scene.

Jamie, a teenage guy lives with his single mom,Sandra, who has ambitious plans to run her own pub and string of lovers, current being a hippie named Tony. Jamie's classmate and neighbor Ste lives next door and Jamie has total crush on him. Ste lives with his drug-dealing brother and abusive father. One night when the father ends up beating Ste too much, Sandra brings him home and lets him sleep over with Jamie. Ste and Jamie sleep on the same bed 'top to toe' without saying a word. There is very obvious tension between them, wherein Ste, in my opinion, knows what Jamie feels about him but just does't want to deal with it. The next night, a little conversation and a massage helps them relax and Jamie kisses Ste for the first time. Ste soon panics and starts avoiding Jamie. But Jamie's neighbor suspects something between the two guys. When Jamie confronts Ste, he first ignores and snubs Jamie, but slowly by constant persuasion, their relationship begins to develop. They go to a gay bar together where Sandra sees them. She confronts Jamie later who tells her that he is gay. Sandra is meanwhile successful in getting her pub dream fulfilled and bread up with Tony. The film ends with Jamie and Ste inviting Sandra and Leah to go with them to the gay bar, and the boys dancing in each other's arms in the courtyard of their building, without worrying about the shocked and surprised local residents.

This movie makes me smile on every level; from the way the two boys discover their affection for one another, the wonderful comedy relief from the next door neighbor Leah. The ending of the film has to be one of the best. It is surprising how the 2 young actors played such complex characters with such an ease. We see 2 facets of growing up gay. Jamie, who is comfortable with being gay and doesn't give a damn and Ste,on the other hand fearing his brother and father. Leah's character though not needed in the film, provides comic relief and I thought she did a fantastic job too. The film is uplifting without being preachy, and tender without being grating. All scenes between Jamie and Ste are wonderful. Right from school, to their sleep together, to their going to gay bar and finally the dance. It is so heart warming that I can't even tell you. The make you feel 16 again and you relate to them so easily. All this could not have been possible if not for an able direction. I would give full marks to him.

Beautiful Thing is an experience you should not miss. This is an ensemble piece that each player can be proud of. A film I will cherish forever. I wish there is a sequel that comes out soon. (9/10)


Viktor said...

I totally agree!

"Beautiful Thing" is one of the best gay-themed films (even without that tag!) I have ever seen. I watched it a few years ago, when I was still a teenager, and it really got to me in many different levels.

What about the "Make your Own Kind of Music" moment in the woods, when Ste first kisses Jamie with true intent? I think that's one of the most beautiful sections of the film.

I've watched it loads of times. I don't think I'll ever get tired. The film, by the way, is a very close adaptation from the play written by Jonathan Harvey, as he did the film adaptation for the screenplay himself.

The play is on its twentieth anniversary this year, and from April onwards, "Beautiful Thing", the play, is going to be on the West End, once more...

Golu said...

Yes that scene was truly magical.
I wish I could get to see the play live someday. It is definitely not playing in New York.