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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alive And Kicking (UK) [Indian Summer]

This is such a great movie with a very unique and unconventional love story. I am sure I saw this movie before but of course couldn't remember it. The film shot in 1996 is centered around AIDS epidemic. Mix this with dance, the movie was pretty realistic with some excellent performances by its lead actors.

Tonio is the lead dancer of a dancing school by Luna who is aging old woman suffering from Alzheimers. Tony lost his lover from Aids a year ago and his best friend and also his dance instructor is now dying. His best friend and dance troupe are always with him because Tonio is also HIV positive. Its just dance that he lives for. A chance encounter with a therapist changes his life. Tonio had seen Jack at his friend's funeral and later finds out that Jack is a counselor. Despite his initial rebuffs, Tonio finally gets around and they start seeing each other. At the same time, Tonio is offered the lead in the dance company's old success 'Indian Summer'. Tonio can't believe himself because something like this is what he had always been dreaming for. He throws himself completely in the part which to a certain extent affects his relationship with Jack. Tonio doesn't know when Aids might catch up with him, so he sees this as his last dancing opportunity. Everything is fine till the day of the show, the AIDS virus strikes and his feet get temporarily paralyzed. The final dance scene is just heart wrenching. The performance is a success and Jack and Tonio are together hoping to make a life not knowing how Tonio will deal with Aids.

AIDS is certainly an issue here, but not the focal point. It only introduces us to a more in depth understanding as to why some who are stricken with this disease take certain paths of survival. The guy playing Tonio is just fantastic, not just in acting sequences but alos in the dances. He just becomes the part and not an actor anymore. Tonio's chemistry with Jack was also so real. It is so true when Jack says that had Tinio been healthy, he would haven't even given Jack a second look for being old and over weight. The couple loves, they fight, they make-up but it is all so realistic, you feel like watching someone real time. Enough justification is given as to how two completely different men end up becoming soul mates. Although you might feel that with the topic if Aids and all, this film might be grim, but in fact the film is pretty light , lively and funny. All this is thanks to a brilliant screenplay and direction. All the supporting actors were also pretty good. This movie had sweet, funny, sad and bittersweet moments. The movie shows you how no one should take life for granted, and you really feel the joy that all the dancers get from dancing.

I really really enjoyed this film. A gay film with an inherent dancing theme. Thats like icing on the cake for me. (8.5/10)

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