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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zombies of Mass Destruction

What the hell is going on? Why am I watching one bad movie after another? I think this is either first or maybe second zombie movie that I saw and this can be seriously added to one of the worst zombie or gay themed movies I have seen. Not only was it bad but it had all this Iranian racist crap that it just wasn't funny

There are a bunch of characters in this little island off New York city. We are introduced to a bunch of people who live here, most importantly, an Iranian migrant who owns a restaurant. Her daughter Frida has just returned from her college. We then meet a gay couple, one of whom used to live on the island and now is retiring back after years with his boyfriend to tell his mother that he is gay. That same night, the island gets attacked by zombies and then we have all the hocus-pocus of zombies eating everyone and people running to save themselves. Of course, the gay couple and Frida are all safe in the end.

This film is a complete shame to all genres, be it zombie, gay or comedy. I can't believe someone would actually put in money to make this crap. Everyone was overacting. This was so unfunny, boring and utter garbage,

I really feel bad for myself and others who have seen this film. (1/10)

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