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Thursday, January 3, 2013


What the hell was this film!! A buddy film where a few friends meet over alight could be so much more interesting. Rather, we get this film which is boring, confused, lackluster and laid with poor direction. Neither actors with their decent acting could save the film because the overall direction and screenplay was so confused and all over the place

The film starts with Russell and Brett getting ready for Donnie's birthday. Plans change and we see that everyone ends up coming to Russell's house for the birthday. We have Donnie and his new girlfriend, Gayle, a common friend with her fiancé and another girl. Donnie, Gayle and Brett were together in school at some point. Brett keeps traveling to NY since he is into music and keeps looking for girls for one night stands. Some random scenes with the film sometimes going back to a year, sometimes, few hours, sometimes few months. What I ultimately got out was that Russell likes Brett, Brett likes Gayle who is engaged and some other confusion.

I have seen many independent films but this film was just so boring. If I was in one of those parties as shown in the film, I would have walked away because it would have been so fucking boring. And whats up with constant time shifting. It just adds to the confusion because all the characters look and behave exactly the same way. Acting was bad by pretty much everyone. I think Russell was the only saving grace. And please! this is NOT a gay film by any means. There were no details provided or explanations given on what was going on between Russell and Brett. Why was Brett so mean to Russell and why was he taking all that shot from him when Brett is clearly straight. Its a regular independent film where Russell happens to be gay but despite all this the film is still plain boring.

Unengaging and very uninteresting. (1.5/10)

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