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Friday, January 4, 2013

Two Weddings And A Funeral (Korean)

A Korean dark comedy and a drama, this film very aptly shows the pains and sufferings that goes along with living your life to please others. The film explores issues of living as a gay man in modern-day Korea, following a closeted gay character along with those who “came out” and are shunned by family members who claim that the homosexual lifestyle brings shame to the family.

Min-Soo, a young Korean doctor gets married to Hyo-Jin, a fellow colleague at his hospital. We soon find out that this marriage of convenience between a gay man and a lesbian girl. Hyo-Jin lives with her girlfriend who lives across the hall. The only reason the couple got married was so that Hyo-Jin can adopt a baby. Meanwhile Min-Soo also finds a guy in his circle of friends who he falls in love with but that guy wants Min-soo to be comfortable with who he is. in an unfortunate incident, a very close friend of Min-soo dies in an accident when a cab driver is beating him up harshly for being so openly gay and Min-soo just stands there unable to do anything. This makes Min-soo realize the cowardice of not living the truth. Min-Soo finally finds the strength to acknowledge his own sexual identity and opens himself up to the possibility of living a happily ever after.

I think Korea also suffers from LGBT community not being readily accepted in a society like in many parts of the world. Any of us who have made sacrifices to please others and gain approvals, can relate to this film well. The film provides a glimpse of the shame that often plagues the gay community along with the lack of acceptance that makes it difficult to fulfill one’s dreams and desires. The thought behind the film was nice but I think the film could easily have been trimmed to a shorter length. After a point, the film started to feel dragging and I personally got anxious and wanted the film to have a closure soon. Min-Soo's circle of friends was nice and funny and I wish everyone has similar set of friends and well-wishers in life.

A decent watch with good performances. I have seen much better gay Korean films but this is not bad either. (5.5/10)


mp said...

HI! I have been reading your posts since last year! I am 17 turning 18 and I am really happy and impressed with your reviews/opinions! Thank You Very Much and have a great day! :)

Oh, and can you please add the year of the movie on succeeding entries. (just a suggestion)
(this is my first time commenting, sorry for my English)

Golu said...

Thanks for your comments and being a faithful reader of my blog. I have been thinking of adding years to these films, but just have been a little lazy because I will have to add them to over 600 entries. But one day I will do it. Thanks for reminding me and keep commenting and posting your thoughts.
PS: Your english is perfect