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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tensión sexual: Volátil (Spanish) [Sexual Tension: Volatile]

The title of this movie is so appropriate for what has been shown in the film. I think 'Absent', another film from Argentina was the only film that I saw where sexual tension was so intriguing in the film. No wonder, when I was doing some research online after watching this film, it turns out that it is by the same director as that of 'Absent'. How funny is that!! Now I know many people did not like that film, but hey, I did and I also like this film a lot.

This film is sort of collection of 6 different stories or you can call it six different scenarios, where chance encounter between people can lead to so much sexual tension. You probably cannot get the guy bit no one is stopping you form lusting after him. We first see 'Ari' where a young boy is infatuated with the tattoo maker and every time he goes to get his tattoo done from Ari, a different adrenalin rush is experienced. In 'The Cousin', a geeky guy visiting his friend finds himself getting attached to his cousin who is always semi-nude and by looks of it is flirting with the geek too. Is this lust one-way or two-sided? We see some straight man bonding in 'The Other One'. When one of the buddies is having a hard time getting laid because his penis is too big, his childhood friend teaches him how to make love to a woman and make her feel comfortable. In the client story 'Broken Arms', we see a guy getting a sensual sponge bath from a male nurse, when the guy's mother ends up injuring himself. The silence in this part was just perfect. 'Love' shows two totally straight men just bonding and showering together naked, as if this is the most common thing people would do. They meet when a straight couple is holidaying in an inn and they befriend the innkeeper. Lastly, we have 'Workout', in which the two guys slowly loose their inhibitions in the name of taking pictures of one another to send to a bunch of girls so that they can get laid.

While sex links all of these stories together, the film-makers do act as a cock-tease in all of these films. You are just waiting for the moment where hopefully you will get to see something, and you feel it is going to happen but then it just doesn't. But its good in a way because thats what creates the tension even for the viewers. The camera shows a man body form all different angles and also the electrifying nature of male intimacy. The stories were very different from one another and the scenarios presented were all so possible in real life and that is what made this film so unique, fun and different. I know lot of people might not enjoy this film because it is not fast paced. Each segment has to be seen with patience and become a part of the tension that is brewing between the protagonists.

This one is uniquely different and enjoyable. Just be patient. (7/10)


Paul Delgadillo said...

Marco Berger is the Argentinian director of "The Cousin", "Absent" and I love his latest film "Hawaii", which again is like a visual tango. His films are small on dialogue and real great at catching things like glimpses and voyeurism.

Golu said...

yeah.. this is the same thing that I have written in my reviews. I loved Hawaai too