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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spinnin' (Spanish)

What was the deal with this film. It had such an excellent story and such huge potential. Great actors, beautiful chemistry but it was all spoiled with random scenes and characters thrown in, I don't know for what ! And what was the director thinking? Just adding a lot of weird moments and random interactions between people, make the film artistic and enigmatic? It was annoying , if anything for me.

Story is simple. Garate and Omar are  young gay couple. Omar wants a kid badly but Garate is not so sure since he himself doesn't get along with his father. No idea, on when Omar finally convinces Garate for a child, they try with their respective friends, but never succeed in getting pregnant. Ultimately they befriend, a pregnant woman whose boyfriend has died of Aids and now looking after her. Meanwhile we also see a lesbian couple, one of whom has died and now the other partner is fighting to keep the custody of the child. We also see Garate's father who is afraid of falling in love again after the mother's death. By the time all this was going on, I honestly totally stopped caring of what was going on in anyone's life.

Complete with dance sequences and slapstick humor that constantly toys with the viewer's expectations, this film was just annoying despite me trying very hard to just focus on the good parts of it. The editing was just bad. All random scenes just made film more pointless. There was a couple who was engaged in random emotions throughout the film. People would just come and go in random takes which would have absolutely nothing to do or to add to the film overall. Grrrrr.. I can go on and on. The only saving grace was Garate, who was try cute and would light up the screen every time he would come in it. Apart from that, this film in the name of art was sham. I am really surprised how people have sat through watching this weird piece of so called cinema.

You either have to be an ardent fan of weird 'different' cinema or be ok with no editing to watch every single minute of the film and still be happy. My rating is only for a  potential good story and lead actor Garate. (3/10)

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