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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scenes From A Gay Marriage

What the f*** was this film? I just did not get the point of the film. Forget the point, the film felt such  drag to watch. It was slow, uninterested acting in this supposedly romantic comedy, which is odd cos the director also plays the primary part in it. Let me just be very clear. This was neither romantic nor comedy.

Darren has recently broken up with his long term boyfriend. He doesn't have a job and spends time at home doing odd things. He surprisingly finds a guy who likes to see his pics in beard very week and he is fine with that. A gay couple lives above him and he can hear everything that goes on in their life through the air ducts. Their casual conversations and loud sexual escapades soon prove far more exciting than anything on television and Darren gets a little obsessed. He finds himself even deeper when he discovers that one of the guys may be cheating on the other. Thus begins Darren’s quest for the truth by surveilling, snooping and basically stalking them. He also makes a new gal pal who thinks he is going crazy along with his ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile Darren also meets Joe, the buildings handyman, who starts flirting with each other. But Darren is very pre-occupied with his obsession with his neighbor.

The music in the film is so loud that many times you can barely hear what the people are talking about. How are any apartments made that every single conversation can be heard from any part of the house through air ducts, It is just ridiculous. Clearly Darren doesn't have a life and he finds pleasure in weird things like this.

I have seen Matt Riddlehoover's better films but this one truly was really bad. (2/10)


GC from France said...

Same here :) Had it not been for your review, I'd be totally unable to summarize the plot... I've seen pretty bad movies, as we all have, this one tops it all ; this was very kind of you to rate it 2.

Golu said...

Agreed!! This was was actually pretty bad