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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pedale Douce (French) [What A Drag]

The first 15-20 minutes of this film were really good and my expectations went soaring high with the film. Unfortunately the film became drama from a comedy and the change was so sudden that I didn't have to digest and by the time it went back to being a comedy, my expectations had already taken a beating. That does not mean that this film is not entertaining. The film is still pretty good with exceptionally great acting.

Adrien is in the finance world, a 30 something gay man. His best friend is Eva who owns and runs a gay restaurant and club. They both are very very close to each other. Adrien is in the process of finalizing deal with Alexander, a banker, which leads to him having to bring Eva as his wife. Alexander and Eva feel some connection and they start seeing each other. Slowly Eva introduces Alexander to the gay world, thereby ultimately exposing to him that Adrien is gay and not the straight man that he though he is. When Alexander's wife sees him in a gay club, she thinks he is gay too and thats why they haven't ben physical all these years. She tries to confirm this with Adrien and his friend but they just add fuel to fire. When Eva and Alexander start getting serious, Adrien is very jealous because he feels Eva is only for him and doesn't want them to be together. In the meantime, Eva and Alexander also make up and break up like 100 times. Ultimately Eva gets pregnant but she doesn't tell Alexander who leaves his job and country to find himself. Adrien is most happy with the situation since he always wanted to have  a baby with Eva and his dreams are finally coming true.

Adrien is definitely the star if the film. He is very good in his role as a gay man. The scene where he dresses in drag and dances in very good and he actually looks pretty. Eva also does a great job. She suits the character. The entire situation when Adrien and his friend are dancing in the bar and Alexander finds out about them is hilarious and funny. The situations are generally funny and not forced. One big problem I had with the movie was not a concrete analysis of what Eva and Alexander wanted from each other. She first goes away from him because he wants sex with her but ultimately ends up mating him in a club. She also knows that he is married and just after spending one night with him acts surprised and pretty disturbed. That just did not make sense to me. I also liked the character of the confused straight guy who always hung out with gays in the club. Overall, apart form the slight dip in the middle of the film, the film was very light hearted with sparkling and loving performances from everyone. I liked ho Alexander's wife wants to be so supportive of him that she hosts a big gay party at their penthouse to honor him.

There are fun moments in the film that offers mild entertainment and a few laughs for those fans that are looking for amusement. (6.5/10)

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