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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Morgan is a film about hope, life and aspirations. It is a very universal and inspiring story of how to move on with life after a tragedy and how to find one's way out of it. The depth of universal human emotions depicted in an above average production has been shown very profoundly in this film.

Morgan is a cyclist who has recently been paralyzed after a bad accident in a cycling race. He has lost purpose in life and spends his day drinking and watching TV. He is also in a financial stress but somehow still doesn't take his life seriously despite constant interruptions by his mother. He also has a good and loyal friend lane but neither her nor his mother can motivate him enough. When day when he is rolling through a park, he has chance meeting with Dean. Starting with a small talk, they soon start dating. Love brings back confidence in Morgan and can brings out the fun and bright side in him. When the current year's race is announced, Morgan decides to take part in it. Initially Dean is very supportive and helps him with everything but when the training is too strenuous on his body, Morgan's doctor advices against it. But Morgan now wants to do despite everyone in his life advising him against it including Dean. While training all alone, after breaking up with Dean, Morgan gets into a small accident which opens up his eyes and understands that life is much more about other things than just pride. He will have enough time for pride but the comfort of family and his love will never happen again.

The chemistry between the 2 lead actors was very very interesting, real and something that is easy to relate to. They both seemed pretty easy with each other. Their initial awkward courtship is genuine when they are trying to know about each other including the scenes where Dean helps Morgan with his training. At one end where we have 2 excellent male actors, both the female actors playing the friend and mother were use bad. Their dialogue delivery, expressions and everything looked so rehearsed and artificial, specially when compared to the chemistry that we were seeing among the 2 leading men. I really enjoyed the first half of the film but I feel that the conflicts were created just for the sake of  it. It was like, how can we have only a goody goody flm. There has to be a break up and then getting back together. That whole situation seemed forced to me. As quick it happened, the 2 guys even get back together with even a faster speed. So a sense of reality was lost there. ANother hint is about the lighting. I dunno what it was but the film was very dark. I wish it was little bright. Both indoor and outdoor scenes were quite dark, cloudy and gloomy.

This film definitely shows the side of gay life that I personally have not seen in a film before. Though predictable towards end, you can still find love, if you are willing to stop and get to know a person. At least this film dares to be different. (6.5/10)


filebookph said...

Looks interesting to watch. I will check it out.

Golu said...

You definitely should. It is interesting if nothing else

mp said...

Love the review!
Watched this movie because of you!

Though I had the conflicts coming, I still liked the way the movie differentiated itself from other movies I've watched. Many thanks to you! :)

Golu said...

I am glad my blog and my reviews are helping you watch or not watch certain movies. Keep posting your views. I love to read them