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Friday, January 18, 2013

Le Refuge (French) [Hideaway]

This film is also one of those films which really do not belong to the gay themed genre. It is a more universal theme which, people can relate to but as in most cases, one of the prominent characters happens to be gay and hey! you get to read the review on my blog then. :) The film has a very basic linear plot without much drama. The focus has more been on visual presentation.

The film starts with lovebirds Mousse and Louis enjoying drugs. An overdose of drugs takes them both to the hospital where Louis dies and Mousse is saved. The doctor also tells her that she is pregnant, which she had no idea about. At Louis's funeral, she meets his divorced parents where the mom is the more dominating one and Louis' brother Paul. The mother requests Mousse to not keep the baby since they would prefer to not have his legacy since he is already gone. Mousse leaves the place. Few months later, we see that Paul visits Mousse in her countryside house on his way to Spain and sees that she decided to keep the baby. He stays there helping her out and they start getting close as friends. Mousse realizes that Paul is gay and Paul eventually meets a guy in that village. One drunk night they even end up having sex but its all friendly and we see no awkwardness. When time comes Paul goes to Spain only to come back when Mousse has delivered the baby. When Paul arrives, she secretly escapes and runs away leaving the baby for Paul because she knows that no one but Paul will truly love the baby girl and Mousse needs to start her life again.

It is not very clear why Paul ever visited Mousse in the first place? He did not even know her. Was he curious or like Mousse once points out that he is interested in baby because he is gay and can never have his own. Barring a few scenes it wasn't clear enough what was the deal between Paul's parents. What was the exact nature of Mousse and Paul's relationship? On a  positive note, the film was shot very beautifully. It was nice to see France's countryside. There were a lot of slow, silent scenes which helped establish some of the characters. But the film has lighting issues. SOme of the scenes are very dark. I still don't know why a good looking man like Paul would leave Paris and stay for months in countryside, although he ultimately ends up finding love in that small town.

With all the minuses, the film was still interesting and emotionally. No wooly if i could be completely absorbed by just that. (5/10)

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