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Monday, January 21, 2013


It did not come as a surprise to me when I saw that the lead actor was also the writer-director of the film because no one else would have wasted their money and effort on something so bland. The story idea was interesting but the clearly the film was made a s rush job with very low production costs.

Kevin lives with his girlfriend, who by the way, was the most annoying bitch you can ever encounter. Kevin cannot hold on to jobs and always gets beaten up by her girlfriend by words and insults and for some crazy reason still decide to stay with her. When their close friends take them out for a dinner party to a cabaret club, Kevin is very uncomfortable watching drag performances. A contest is soon announced for best drag show and he sees that as a quick way to make money to keep his girlfriend happy. He befriends one of the drag queens who after much reluctance agrees to train Kevin to take part in the competition. Jason (his real name an snot drag name) starts developing friendship with Kevin and slowly Kevin also feels closer to him and starts questioning his sexuality. Other drag queens also help in in getting Kevin trained. In the meantime, his girlfriend is already sleeping with another guy from work which Kevin finds out. Jason is his support system at this time and both Kevin and Jason fall in love and of course ultimately wins the damn competition too.

Quite a few hints were wrong with this film. Their is no way a straight man can magically transform himself into a female impersonator in a week's time. You can't even learn to walk in heels and top that with performances of a drag queen!! it ain't happening. But the film makes it look so easy. Not many people understand how much effort and hard work goes into this job. Unfortunately the director rather focuses on how much of an easy money this is, which is so not true. All the drag queens looked horrible in dresses. Jason looked and acted so well as a man and was terrible in drag both in looks and acting. Kevin had this confused look throughout the film and was not appealing at all. Even his girlfriend was so annoying, that every time i just wanted her to shut up and stop making those faces and rolling her eyes. Clearly, an inspiration has been taken from 'To Wong Foo' but this film just falls flat.

Barring a few laughs here and there, this film has nothing much interesting to offer. (3.5/10)

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