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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy, Texas

After a string of watching bad gay films, I finally got a respite in a decent comedy. This film was good in the sense that it wasn't over the top or anything, provided right laughs at the right time with right set of acting skills. Of course you do get to sees certain stereotypes but then it happens everywhere.

Wayne and Harry escape prison when they are being moved. On their way, they steal a RV van owned by a gay couple Steve and David. While traveling hone they reach the town of Happy in Texas, the town sheriff mistakes them for the gay couple who travel around the world to help girls prepare for beauty pageants. They both get excited to do this since it will give them time to spend with girls. Their dreams get shattered when they realize that it is pre teen girls and not young girls. Wayne aka David is given the task to teach the girls and prepare them for their dance and Harry decides to plan to rob the bank of the small town. He befriends the young manager of the bank and ultimately falls in love with her who is already in relationship with another man without much romance. After a few frustrating days, David finally starts watching videos to prepare himself to teach girls and starts doing a god job. The couple being gay doesn't seem to be an issue. Meanwhile the town sheriff stars falling for Steve and even takes him out on a date in a gay cowboy line dancing bar. Things don't all end well when Steve changes his mind to not rob the bank but the police finds about their whereabouts and they get arrested again.

The film is laced with comic moments. The characters of the film were pretty neat and nice and you could sense the community feeling in the town. The plot line is sorta ridiculous on paper but the execution is pretty decent and engaging. The acting was really good, overall. The whole scene when the town thinks of them as a gay couple and are ok and accepting is very good. The subplot of sherrif's love was also handled very well. Comic yet poignant:) The southern accent just adds to the charm.

A endearing film that holds your attention and keeps a smile on your face. (5/10)

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