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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everyone (Canada)

This movie is filled with a giant cast of characters where you hop from person to person to track what is happening as they prepare for and attend a gay wedding. The plot intricately weaves the lives and the themes of death and bearing children. But does it manage to hold your attention and keep you glued to screen to watch the proceedings? Unfortunately not!

Ryan and Grant are getting married (civil union) today at their home. 2 of Ryan's brother, Grant's step-sister and Ryan's mother are all invited. Ryan's mother brings with her a street punk to carry her boxes. We slowly are introduced to various problems that all of these couples are facing. One couple is dealing with death of their child. Other is trying to get pregnant although they don't love each other any more. In the third one, wife is pregnant and wants the baby but husband doesn't. And finally in the fourth, the surgeon husband accidentally lets his 10 year old girl patient die and he can't get over it and has turned to alcohol. In the meantime, the couple themselves are having issues, although it is never really made very clear what their problem is. In comes this punk Dylan, that Ryan's mother brought along and Grant ends up having sex with him (cliche). Will the couple get married and get through this?

There were  a lot of things which were annoying about this film. To start with, the acting seemed so fake and not natural by most folks. The arguments that the gay couple keep getting into were all so dumb and not clear enough of what the real issue were. And in all the other couples, we get to see passionate love top outright divorce options within a matter of hours. A lot of things were so incredible. I mean how does a couple go from being very very lovingly adorable couple to talk about divorce within a matter of hours. This is just plain silly. The forced comedy was also just annoying and wouldn't provide any  laughters. The only standout performance is by the kooky mother whose love for her gay son was refreshing and funny.

Disappointed by poor handling of an otherwise decent idea. (3/10)

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