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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dirty Laundry

I absolutely loved this film. This is the kind of feel-good cinema that I like watching on a saturday afternoon. Top it up with the whole black family in the south, its like icing on the cake. I loved it so much that I so badly would have loved to be in person if everything that was happening in the film was real. The while family atmosphere was so real, nice and refreshing.

Sheldon returns from New York, to his home town Paris in Georgia after he discovers that he has a son. His life goes topsy turvy since he is young, looking ahead to his career and soon we find out that he is also gay. His family consists of his stubborn and over protective loud mother, a divorced sister with her daughter who os looking to move out and do something worthwhile with her life. Sheldon also has a brother who works in a butcher farm in the small town and is happy with his life. Sheldon has been gone 10 years and life is not the same. He feels awkward, out of place but he needs to get things fixed wrt to his son who was apparently conceived one night when he was drunk and now the mother had died. A lot of funny events follow and things change when his boyfriend Ryan shows up from New York. Things are not the same when everyone finds out that not only is Sheldon gay but he has a 'white boy' as his partner. Old arguments always flare up between mother and son and between brothers. But things are finally good when the mother realizes the love between the 2 partners and how she might have not done the best that she could have but she always wanted theirs to be a close knit family.

The film though deals with a delicate subject is done with a comical touch and thus never feels heavy or being pushed on you. There is always something funny going on, which keeps the proceedings very light. The entire sequences following Ryan showing up at their house are also funny. The entire cast was well chosen to give an even balance, varied perspectives, and display of skills and talents. But I absolutely loved the mother. She was undoubtedly the scene stealer of the film. Without her, the film would not have been half as good. The entire connection between the family was also portrayed very very well. The only over the top character was that of Sheldon's aunt but that just generated even more laughter for me, so I didn't mind it at all. The church scenes were all funny. Overall this film did everything for me that a good entertaining film should do.

Pick this film and watch. You should not be disappointed. (8/10)

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