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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


What the hell was this? This film was so tedious that I had to fast forward it so many times, just to keep my interest alive and make some sense from the movie. WIth numerous characters that somehow are supposed to be inter-connected or related (which is never shown clearly), this film is one of the worst ones I have seen in recent times.

John is either  drug dealer or rock artist. He is friends with Mario and one night they are drunk and end up having one night stand. A young guy meets a hot older guy named Saleheddin and proposes to be boyfriends on the very night time of hookup. Saleheddine's wife Christine suddenly gives him notice of divorce , and she works with John. We also have a straight couple, where the wife suddenly leaves her husband/lover/boyfriend odor she realizes that she is a lesbian. And finally we have an Indian guy Manu, who keeps thinking of a guy who he was with and just keeps smiling throughout the film.

As odd the characters were in this film, equally odd was their acting. This has got to be one of the poorest shows in acting. People should see this film, just to see how not to act. The direction was so so poor. All throughout watching, I was like, what the hell was this guy thinking while making this film. All the stories are randomly shown, with no relation, no beginning, no end, no emotions, no conclusions. The relationship between the different stories is not made very clear and Gosh! what was up with the guy Manu smiling throughout the film without one single dialogue.

This is a bad bad bad movie. Period ! (1/10)

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