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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where The Bears Are: Season 1

Having seen 'Bear City' a couple of years ago, which I tremendously enjoyed, I was hoping to have a lot of fun in this film too. The film was not too bad but then it was stretched a little bit. ALthough, actually this was originally a web series and converted to a movie later, so I guess from that point of view, the makers tried their best to contain everything in a movie time, which wasn't bad. Remember, just don't put too much brain into what you are about to watch.

Nelson, Wood and reggie are 3 bear room-mates. At Nelson's 'supposedly' 40th birthday party, one of their guests is found dead the next morning in the bath tub. The same night, a super hot guy Toddy has sex with Nelson which confuses everyone as to why would someone like Tod be with Nelson. The rest of the series follows these men trying to find who the killer is, them flirting with other gay bears, sleeping with them and questioning everything going around them. Woody is the brawny but brain dead one while Reggie thinks he is the hottest and can get any man he wants. We are introduced to a hot detective who is a fan of Woody, when Woody used to do porn. Also a woman who used to have hots for Woody when they were in school. There is a point when Toddy is the main suspect of the murder with everything that's going around but ultimately the truth comes out.

There is a lot of eye candy in the film if gay bears are your type. There is tons of kissing and nudity in the film. Although no frontal view. :( Some of the gags were nice but after a while, it gets to you. Nelson thinking of himself as a great and a busy actor always evokes laughter and yes All the scenes that prove how brain dead Woody really is; they are all precious. Unfortunately Reggie's character is not built much except that he is always trying to put Nelson down.

It is not boring film. I have seen so much gay crap, that some genuine laughters while watching this are not bad at all. (5/10)

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