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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcome To New York (Short Narrative)

'Welcome To New York' is one of the better gay short narrative features that I have seen in a while coming from USA. I always complain how, we get to see some really bad gay movies made in US, with some good exceptions of course. So I was pleasantly surprised with this film. The humor and bitchiness of the characters were just spot on. And being New Yorker myself, I know it.

The film features Sherry Vine as a shrink and we are introduced to 5 of her patients who are new to New York and how they are coming to terms with this vibrant city. We first meet Cassie, who is a little neurotic, 'high on life' and finds weird when strange homeless people talk to her. She starts hallucinating about making it big in life like Oprah ( quite a funny dialogue interaction here). We also meet her room mate, good looking Scotty and a trick that he has at home. Second is Mick, a drag queen who works hard to keep up with city life. Mick is propositioned by a good looking dude at a club, they sleep together and the night ends with the guy paying Mick money for her 'services'. Next is Ryan, who is dealing with all the breakups that he has with girls and who can't figure out why the girls act, the way they do. We then meet Simone, who gets hit on by a creepy deli sandwich maker. She is freaked out and sad on why she is never hit on by a decent man. She still hopes she will one day meet a nice guy her age and she meets Ryan. And finally we have Jake who just has the most memorable day with a guy who he thinks could be love of his life but he just can't remember the dude's name. We see the confusion that goes in his head and how he copes up with it.

The 5 characters are very different from each other, in terms of people involved, stories told and the issues they face but they are in a way linked. They do share a theme of finding love in the big bad city of New York. And by the time the film ends we also get to see the 5 characters inter-related to each other, which I thought was a brilliant idea. Jake's story in my opinion was the best and most hilarious and acted pretty well too. Lockhart playing Jake has done a good job. Mick, the drag queens story, although done in a light tone is very touching and heart-felt. It is unfortunate reality that how some people can treat others just as a piece of meat when everyone deserves love and respect. Ryan's and Simone's story were average. I must say though that Ryan is really a very very good looking and hot dude specially in his stubble. Cassie's story is the weakest among the five but somehow fits well within the overall setup. The director, who is the captain of the ship,  has done good job extracting  good to excellent performances from all the actors which is not easy job, given it is quite a multi-starrer. Sherry Vine is hilarious and you can't help but salute and laugh at her expressions and one-liners. The film is not without its share of some minuses. I would have liked to see a little more of what happens to Ryan and Simone. A good story build up can be done there. The end of the film was also a little unsatisfactory. I am not sure what would have been a better ending but somehow it did not feel the right punch to end such beautiful narrative. A little more attention on the shrink's character could have also taken the film to another level.

Given a lot of the pluses and barely a couple improvements, this film deserves to be seen and applauded. Welcome to New York (8/10)


Steven Tylor O'Connor said...

The official trailer can be viewed here:

Steven Tylor O'Connor said...

I would like to submit my next project, "Grind" starring Anthony Rapp and Claire Coffee to you to be reviewed. How do I do that?

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Feel free to send me a an email at and then just send me a link. I will be more than happy to watch it and review