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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Walk A Mile In My Pradas

A very catchy title and once again we have a movie for straight people classified as "gay" because it has a gay character in it. This one even has a gay/straight theme, but if it was made by or for gay people, then it is even more absurd. This one probably looked like a good idea on paper but does not come across as entertaining as it probably could have been.

Tony, a macho straight guy and Steve, gay man with a boyfriend end up being co-workers. Because of a childhood incident, Tony has always been against gays. He is the classic case of homophobia. He can't stand Steve one sec. At a Christmas party, they both get into a verbal spat, which neither of their partners is able to stop. They both end up saying to each other that " I wish you were gay" and "I wish you were straight". Guess what! The christmas angel fulfills their wishes and both Tony and Steve start to notice changes within themselves. Steve suddenly starts finding himself attracted towards girls which hurts his boyfriend to a great extent. And at the same time, Tony starts avoiding his fiancé on the matter of sex in favor of watching TV. A lot of funny incidents follow including Tony's "coming out" to his family at christmas. When another verbal spat happens, both Tony and Steve realize that these changes started happening around the same time and they figure it was the angel because one the girls at the party saw the angel lit up when they asked for wishes. As it happens always, it's a happy ending where Tony is now  acceptable of gays and everyone.

I read a lot of people could not help laughing themselves but honestly I didn't feel like laughing at all, except when every time Tony's mother would correct everyone's english. Stereotypical straight and gay things that Steve and Tony end up doing did not make me smile but I could see how some straight folks would enjoy it. Acting wise both the guys did a decent job. The girl playing Tony's fiancé was a little irritating though. Also it was little hard to believe that in California people would be so homophobic specially in 2011 when this film was released. C'mmon now!!

Overall just a fair to average experience, although I can see some people really liking it. (5/10)

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