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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Un Difetto Di Famiglia (Italian) [Family Flaw]

A pseudo comedy movie, which also explores relationships like never before between brothers who have not met each other in a long long time. This movie is entertaining but stretched sometimes beyond a point, it still keeps viewers glued waiting to see what happens next.

Francesco and Nicola are brothers who haven't met for over 40 years. As kids they were very closer and thick as thieves. Francesco left the small town, when he came out publicly that he was gay, to spare his family of the humiliation that might follow. Cut to present, when Nicolas' daughter is about to be married, the mother of the 2 boys dies and Francesco appears at her funeral after all these years. When the mother's will is read by the notary, both brothers are surprised to know that their mother wanted to be buried next to their father in their hometown. A road journey starts next between the 2 brothers, who can't stand each other and they will now have to work together to make up for all the years that they have not kept in touch. On the way, Francesco disappears a couple of times and we find that he has a daughter which Nicolas is shocked when he finds out. At one point Francesco even tries to commit suicide, which makes Nicola re-think of his behaviour towards his brother for his entire life. The mother's last journey ultimately brings the brothers back together with Nicola now really not caring a damn about society.

At heart, there is positive message because we get to know the terrible shame Nicola suffered when the small minded town rejected his brother for being different. Nicola acted really well. You could see his frustration for being forced to be with his brother, his resentment, but also his love that he still had for his brother. It was just a matter of them talking to each other to get it out of their systems. Its funny, how sometimes communication makes all the difference. The supporting actors also all did a decent job. It was funny to see every time Nicola would pretend to get a heart attack. Francesco also did a good job of an aging gay man, who is struggling with his life which is possibly coming to and end soon and feels complete after having met his daughter, grandson and finally his brother.

Made for TV, a feel good movie about old small town Italian mentality. (5.5/10)

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