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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Stranger In Us

Another one of gay cinema coming out of our very own USA. Independent cinema sometimes  can spawn up big surprises but this film has no genuine artistic merits. Even the way the story is told, gets confusing after a while. And why would you even do that? There are so many things in this movie that are unbelievable but that is besides the point!

Anthony comes to San Francisco following Stephen who is a therapist there. Anthony is a budding poet and they both are on the verge of starting life together. Every now and then Stephen gets angry for some small reason and then gets back to normal. After 6 months of a semi-abusive relationship, Anthony has had enough and he breaks up with Stephen and moves out and get an apartment of his own. Anthony now feels very very lonely and ends up striking a friendship with a 17 year old Gavin, a homeless street hustler, who has his own rough past. However Gavin enjoys con games and scams too much and the novelty wears off for him. They both long for stability but are not sure where life is taking them. Stephen comes back in Anthony's life to break up again and Anthony suddenly disappears to go back home with his parents. Anthony is left all alone inner strange world of San Francisco where he has no friends.

The film is not told in a chronological order. It keeps going back and forth every 5 minutes and after a while it is very difficult to pay attention. The film was not that bad that I had to leave midway but it was bad enough that I had to keep fast forwarding it for it to finish because some of the scenes would just go on and on without really adding meat to the story. This film has glaring mistakes all through. The choices that make no sense, the dialogue full of holes, the plot gaps that are as big as a bridge tunnel, etc. This film is replete with them. Anthony's Character is very timid and shy but some of his actions don't make sense considering he is painted from the beginning as being so introverted - like picking up random men.

Completely pass this one. (2.5/10)

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