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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Skinny

I have always ben intrigued by black gay culture, more so because I barely know much about it. African American men have always fascinated me, and I am not talking just sexually. So, I was really looking forward to this film. Unfortunately, there're not many gay films about Black men for Black men. This film exactly does that and to a certain extent also does a pretty decent job of it.

We meet Magnus and his boyfriend Ryan. Ryan refuses to have sex with Magnus for 6 months so that they can get to know each other better and make this relationship special. We later find out about Ryan's secret life and what this was all about. $ of Magnus' friend arrive NYC for gay pride weekend. We then meet Langston, a British lesbian, who can’t quite seem to connect with a sexy bartender despite her obvious receptiveness. Joey lives in Atlanta trapped in a stagnant life with no men or means to escape. Kyle is the opposite end who whores around all day, loves sleeping with men and finally Sebastian, the baby of the group, who is still a virgin, has a hugest crush on Kyle, wants to lose his virginity to him despite Kyle's complete oblivion to his feelings. The weekend progresses getting to know these friends better, which involves discovering about Ryan's secret life. We also see Langston, Joey and Magnus give tips to Sebastian on the perfect seduction and sexual experience with Kyle. But ultimately what ends up happening with Sebastian, is something no one wishes. The latter circumstances brings distance between the friends, specifically with Kyle but ultimately the friendship just ends even stringer as the weekend comes to an end.

I would like to say that most of the actors suited their part and were natural except the girl. She, felt like was acting all the time and wash't natural. Magnus was the cutest of them all and also did a brilliant job. The film sometimes got into giving out too much information, on having sex, cleaning ass, HIV, sexual violence etc. but then this could be also looked upon as an opportunity to educate individuals. But to accommodate all this, the director seem to lost control over the actual pace of the film. Some of the scenes where Langston and Joey are just hanging out seem too stretched. I was particularly tired of watching them sitting in the bar and ogling at the stripper and the bartender. Overall, the tim gives the message of friendship, accepting and enduring it and the power of love.

A decent watch, totally bearable if you fast forward some of the long stretched elongated scenes. (5.5/10)

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