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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Men Next Door

I had no idea what to expect from this film but boy, was I surprised or what. Falling in the rom-com genre (which usually is done in a very bad way) among gay films, this film was pleasantly refreshing. A novel concept, dialogues where you could not stop laughing and chemistry between the actors which was exquisite.

Doug is celebrating his 40th birthday when 3 of his closest friends come up with excuses to not attend his birthday party. Enter his next door neighbor Colton, whom DOug mistakes to be a stripper (planned by his brother). When confusion is cleared, the 2 men are instantly attracted and spend the night together. We also find out that Doug has also recently started seeing an older 50 yr old gentleman Jacob, whom he likes very much. So where is the complication? Doug is for a shock when he finds that Jacob is Colton's father. The comedy of errors begin and soon enough the truth is out to everyone. Unable to decide who does he want to chose, DOug suggests they all continue to see each other. Father and son try to woo DOug in their own possible way but it gets worse. When things go out of hand, the father-son duo decide to stop seeing Doug, so as to not spoil their relationship. Ultimately with the help of his brother, Doug figures out which one of the 2 men make him content and not just happy.

The basic idea behind the film is amazing. I never thought of it and the way it has been played out on the screen is also worth mentioning. DIrector Rob Williams has done a fantastic job extracting out very natural performances from all 3 actors but Doug deserves special mention. He not only has the boy next door charm but is sexy in a different way. His 3 friends also add an interesting dimension to people around him. They were all very funny. The girl was a little OTT but I am ready to forgive. Keeping the comic theme going, the film maker very subtly raises issues about age and cross generational dating specific to the gay community. It was also very heartening to see Doug's straight brother being always there for Doug and when he needs help.

Enjoy this movie. ENough eye candy, good story and acting. What else do you want? (7.5/10)


GC from France said...

A movie featuring Benjamin Lutz will never disappoint you ! I had a very good time watching this one tonight.I agree the girl seemed pretty messed up in her head but whatever, one of the best comedies I've seen in weeks. Thanks for your reviews.

Golu said...

and thank you for your comments. It feels nice