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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sebastian's Verden (Norwegian) [Sebastian's World]

A Norwegian gay themed film. Now this should be interesting. And interesting it was till I thought they spent too much time in detailing out the blackmailing and all that was going on in the movie. It feels that the film-maker wanted to cover every aspect of Sebastian's life, which is fine but then it becomes hard for the viewer to keep a track of everything that's going on.

Sebastian had a poor childhood. When he grows up, money is always on his mind and he will do anything for it. His best friend is Moon, who was smuggled for sex trade from Thailand. They met and a gym and have become good friends ever since. Sebastian is in a relationship with an old powerful man named Wilhelm. Initially started for money, this relationship is all about love and respect for each other. But Sebastian wants more. He along with Moon chalks out a plan, where Sebastian will be an escort to famous, elite, rich and powerful men and then blackmail them. His plan goes ok for a few times. Despite Wilhelm's plea to not do this, his biggest task is to steal money rom a gangster in Spain which he manages to complete with a few of his friends. In the meantime Sebastian mets a Thai stripper, whom he completely falls in love with and tells Wilhelm. Wilhelm is happy for him since he has just been diagnosed with cancer and may die soon. The gangster from Spain finds out from Wilhelm's lawyer (a woman who liked Sebastian but then is jealous of his girlfriend) that Sebastian was involved in the robbery. That  gangster killed Sebastian killed and then Moon hires an agency to get rid of all of Sebastian's killers.

My biggest problem with the film was, that it spent too much time in the stories where Moon and Sebastian spend time finding men and blackmailing them. They could have shown one in details and the others, they could have showed symbolically rather than spending all the time in details. This would have helped keep the film crisper. There are positive sides too. No one judged anyone for Sebastian being gay and then bi and then straight. It was just what he did. We get to see his soft side when Wilhelm dies and realize how much he really loved the man. We also do see examples of loyalty and friendship between Moon and Sebastian and couple of their other gang members. Acting from all cast was actually pretty good. Sebastian is throughout the film and he does a good job. He looks very young for the part but I think the character demanded it. Based on the book by same name, I can't say, if this was better than book or not, it still could have been made crispier and more interesting.

Just a fair to an average fair, some editing and shortening the film's length could have made the film more interesting. (4.5/10)

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