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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Männer zum Knutschen (German) [Men To Kiss]

Wow!! I haven't seen a really heart touching funny gay film in a while and this one was thoroughly entertaining.A film about trials and tribulations of a gay couple is done with such fines and professionalism that you are bound to like the film. The film is very light hearted too.

Ernst is your typical macho guy who works in a bank. His boyfriend is Tobias, which is your another stereotypical party guy, full of drama and just about happy with everything in life and does nothing for work. They are in a very happy space with each other for past 6 months. They hang out together and with Tobias's friends. Enter Uta, Ernst's friend from childhood who has come back from US. We later find out that she was Israeli spy agent. He always had hots for Ernst and start playing mind games with Ernst so that he can breakup with Tobias. Realising very quick what she is after, Tobias gets together with his friends to do anything to save their relationship but ultimately Uta wins and the couple breaks up. Ernst finally realizes his mistake and in a very hilarious and heart-warming climax, wins Tobias back.

The story of the film is very simple but like I have said many times before, its the execution that makes the difference and in this case, what a difference it made!! The chemistry between the lead pair is amazing. It is one of the best I have seen recently in a gay film. Business like Ernst and flamboyantly histrionic Tobias compliment each other well playing off of one another as the serious straight fall guy and the comic who never seems to take things seriously. The opening scene when Tobias visits Ernst in the back is too funny. In fact, their chemistry with the supporting cast was also very very well acted and directed. Some of the dialogues are hilarious and you, as a viewer, always have a smile on your face. All the cat-mouse games of Tobias and Uta are very funny but very practical and realistic. A film where you can actually connect with the characters, has done their job very well. After a long time, this is a gay film that does not enter into the realm of gay politics and rights. It is strictly a comedy about two lovers that just happen to be gay and thats what makes it very beautiful.

A very very enjoyable and wonderful charming romcom. (7.5/10)

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