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Monday, October 1, 2012

Magnifica presenza (Italian)

I have greatly loved and admired Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Özpetek movies and look forward to them. Hence my expectations for this film were also pretty high. I feel so sad to say, that unfortunately they were not met. There’s a lack of genuine narrative motivation that leaves this very promising film without oomph and substance. More on that later.

Pietro is an aspiring gay actor and moves in a big house when he gets lucky with the pricing of the house. Pietro moves in and his life is going in order when he starts hearing strange noises in the apartment. He feels presence of people, whom he can see and feel. It turns out that the house in inhabited by a group of ghosts all dressed in from the 40s. Initially scared to death, Pietro soon realizes that all these ghosts are good souls and they are just stuck in a time-wrap. What can Pietro do to help? He listens to all the pieces of advice they give. To help these people move on, he will have to find out who gave them away during the war time and ultimately have their souls released. The only gay aspect of the film is that Pietro happens to be gay and one of the actors from the theatre ghost group is also gay. They form an unlikely love bong but both knowing very well that their love will never be fulfilled.

Technically the film is brilliant like all of the previous films by the director. All the characters are very lovable and they deliver with passion and great devotion but like I Said above it fails to leave either emotional or dramatic mark like his pervious films. There is some humor in the film that saves it. Also acting from Pietro is first calls and to the mark. The soundtrack of the film was also very good. Its hard to understand what was the film really about? Is it about art, friendship, betrayal, aspiring actor? I was a little confused and honestly, a little disappointed.

I am sure Ozpetek could do and will do better. I am waiting. (6/10)

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