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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Madame Satã (Portuguese)

Until I started watching this film, I had no idea this film was based on a true story. Now, whenever films are made on true stories, it automatically adds to the curiosity because there must definitely be something very interesting about that story that prompted a ilm out of it. This film is a portrait of Joao Francisco dos Santos, a flamboyant, fiercely proud drag queen with a hair-trigger temper, who became a legend in the clubs and slums and prisons of Brazil.

Joao Francisco is an aspiring performer and general seeker of the spotlight in Lapa, Rio’s bohemian district. While managing a life helping out at a local nightclub, he actually earns the bulk of his income from committing petty crimes – mostly robbing unsuspecting young men whom he takes to his bed and schemes with Tabu, his brother/sister/whatever "limp fairy queen" as he calls. He is street smart, hustler but also has a soft side. He gave shelter to Laurita and her bay daughter. The 3 of them form an odd family. Yet, rage is never far away for Joao, an unfortunate byproduct of his irrepressible passion for life and determination to rise above his poverty stricken surroundings. It’s that very same rage that lands the flamboyant performer in prison several times throughout his life. We get to see a couple of instances but apparently , he spent a total of 30 years of his life in jail. Eventually Joao starts working at a club and fulfills his dream of drag performances and ends up becoming very popular in Rio. We are told towards the end that Joao took up the name "Madame Sata" inspired by a film "Madame Satan".

The narrative of the film is done in a bizarre way. After about half an hour, I was left wondering what the whole point of the movie is because it was going nowhere. It just kept going from one episode to another without showing any connection between the incidents. Also the film unfortunately does not provide too much insight into the characters; be it Joao, Laurita or Taboo. It becomes very hard to connect with them at an emotional level. AGreed that the actor playing Joao has done a damn good job and acts really well but he has been let down by a weak screenplay. Tabu was another character whose explanation was not provided but was acted really really well. Also what was up with little to no lighting in the film. Honestly it doesn't make for any pleasant viewing at all.

The character build-up is insufficient and the editing quite confusing, causing the overall feel to be incomplete and puzzling. (3/10)

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