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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A funny, over the top comedy, but still funny short film filmed in Fire Island. Anyone who has ever visited Fire Island can really appreciate the bizarre humor. Especially when they talk about high tea, low tea, dinner and other rules of hooking up. Mac is fresh out of a long term relationship and decides to go to Fire Island from Oregan for a change with his friends. He contributes to a share there with his long time friend Ito. We are introduced to other housemates; a couple Michael Yes and Michael No; Lex who is all about sleeping with men and Harold, a black gay queen. They all try to make Mac feel comfortable but he finds himself totally out of place. Stuff happens over the weekend with various parties, hook-ups, fights and love. Ultimately after the weekend, Mac finds himself in a mesmerized with the entire culture of Fire Island and being with gays all over the place and is ready and looking forward to the rest of the summer every weekend.

Alec Mapa as Ito is spot on in his role who tells Mac all about FI culture and language nomenclature. Actor playing Mac suits his role just fine as a straightish uptight gay man from Oregan. Others were all very well too. Film is about 30 minutes, quirky, witty and funny. (6/10)

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