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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Gayby is strikingly similar to a Will and Grace plotline that never materialized, following a pair of best friends aware that their time for parenting might soon pass them by. Other than the standard rom-com misfortunes of relationship misadventures, the charm that Gayby offers is what happens when a man and woman don’t find each other sexually attractive but still want to have a baby. An interesting plot line, that I am sure has been handled before, although somehow I can't recall watching any.

Yoga teacher Jenn and Matt are best friends. When her biological clock is ticking, she asks Matt if he would like to make a baby with her. Matt, who has recently broken up after 6 years in a relationship agrees because he likes kids too. Turned off by turkey basters and fertility specialists, Jenn insists they conceive “the old-fashioned way.” This "old fashioned way" makes some of the most funny moments in the film. While this is going on Jenn is trying to find a guy and so is Matt. We do get introduced to a few guys that Matt goes  out on a date with. Ultimately his eyes are set on a straight-ish guy who visits his coming book store with his son. They seem to hit off instantly. Meanwhile Jenn ends up having sex with the guy who is painting her house. So when she ultimately gets pregnant, she is not very sure whose baby it is. The misunderstanding keeps the friends away for a while, because Matt feels quite hurt. But as it always happens, alls well that ends well. Ultimately they have a baby and Matt finds love in the straight daddy. :)

Character actors, Matt's bear gay friend and Jenn's twins gay friend provide ample laughs in the film. Actually their dialogues keep the film light hearted. I would also like to mention that Jen's acting was very very good. Alas! the same cannot be said about Matt. He was strictly ok. A better actor in that role could have taken the movie to a different level. The production of the film is very minimal like a bare-bone indie film but at any stage you do not miss grandeur. This film does not need it.

Gayby doesn’t break new ground parenthood fields, but its balance of humor and sentiment makes it worth adopting. (5/10)

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