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Friday, December 21, 2012

Chase (Short Film)

After leaving football practice, college friends Seth and Charlie get into a fight with local thugs unexpectedly. Running from them, they end up hiding in a basement hatch. In the heat of the moment and adrenaline pumping moment, things happen between the two boys. They end up having sex with each other. Over the next few days, Seth is struggling with everything that has happened and whether he is gay or not. He can't stop thinking about Charlie. Risking his friendship, he ultimately asks Charlie, who is try surprised to hear that but agrees if he gets a chance to be the top. They both go home but since it is so planned, neither of them feels sexual towards each other. When Charlie is about to go back, he one last time sees Seth and something rises inside him again. The 2 best friends will hopefully now be 2 best lovers.

The Print of the film that i saw was pretty crappy. I wish I had seen this in better quality. Th guys were hot, the subject pretty interesting and directed really really well. One of the better short films in recent times. (6.5/10)

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