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Monday, December 24, 2012

Black Briefs

"Black Briefs" is a gay short-film compilation featuring films that deal with darker themes. Even though the films are dark, they make you think. It’s always good to be adventurous every once in a while. Although I had already seen 2 out of the 6 movies in the series, it nevertheless was a decent collection.

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Sam, in a long cabin home in the woods, is just getting back from his oncology appointment is sitting and talking to his boyfriend about the results. Something makes him feel that he is being stalked. Upon letting his dog out the next morning Sam notices a bloody gauze pad on the floor with a string pulling it towards the basement. And the end is chocking. The film was interesting but I felt it was way too slow for whatever was going on.

Winner Takes All
Ryker cancels his theater performance for the night and invites the two guys who has been dating together; Brian and Ernesto. Ryker confesses to both Brian and Ernesto that he is having a relationship with both of them and has been dishonest to them. To decide who he wants to be with Ryker wants them to box each other in a “winner take all” fight. Brian a skinny not so tough guy and Ernesto a former boxer who was 21-3. The fight happens but ultimately it is Ryker who loses all. Ryker, a good looking twins, was one of the good thing of this film.

This was the best film of all. Stu and Chris are getting married today. Stu wakes up hungover remembering what had happened last night. We are witnessed to growing distance between the lovers ever since they opened up the relationship. Chris wanted it one time but Stu had been seeing this other guy continuously. This act of cheating by Stu send Chris in a rage and he brutally rapes his boyfriend. This was another very very interesting film. This has a very good potential for a full on movie.

Video Night
The opening of the films was very funny. A group of friends are making video. When they go to their den to watch the video, they notice a man outside their window. 2 guys go out looking for the girl, while the fourth guy stays realizing that the camera never stopped rolling and what he sees next is gonna blow his mind and body. This film was also quite a good one.

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An overall rating of (6/10)

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