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Friday, December 28, 2012

Ba'al Ba'al Lev (Hebrew Short Narrative) [Gotta Have Heart]

This short narrative feature is directed by Eytan Fox, a famous Israeli gay director. The film is set in a small town in Israel. Mizti and Guri are friends. Guri wants to relocate to Tel Aviv before he's "outed". Guri is the only one who knows about him. We also meet the very obviously gay Nohav as well who likes Guri. They all meet at a dance class. Enter the hunk and macho man Merito. He seduces Mizti on the first day and she ends up having sex with him. Guri and Nohav get some to talk where Guri tells him that yes he is gay but he just wants to get out. Nohav tells him that his dream is to dance with the love of his life and win a local song contest. After getting Mizti in bed, Merito's next target is Guri, which is also a mission successfully achieved. The film ends with Guri getting into an art school in Tel Aviv and he decides to have a final dance with Nohav because he knows the latter has a crush on him.

The music has been amply used in this film. This film is more like a camp film; colorful and fun and yet with intelligent emotions and confused identities. The characters suit the part and you can feel the dreams in their eyes. You smile when they share about the dreams. Guri wants to go to Tel Aviv, Mizti wants a husband with heart, Nohav wants to be loved and Merito? Well, we really dunno what he wants except that he wants to be someone who people should want. Thankfully this film doesn't leave you with tears in eyes. This one leaves you with a smile and that dreams do come true. Highly recommended. (7/10)

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